Kruger Secrets

Kruger Secrets


As a Safari Specialist we have encountered many extraordinary, interesting, happy, sad and one-of-a-kind sightings in the Kruger National Park during safari with our guests.

Kruger has many secrets yet to discover!

If you would like to visit this magical wildlife reserve and one of South Africa’s biggest and most popular tourist attractions, make sure you visit Lion Roar Safaris to find out more about the Kruger and how to BOOK YOUR ULTIMATE SAFARI IN THE WORLD-FAMOUS KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA.

Lion Roar Safaris (Pty) Ltd specializes in luxury safaris with open safari vehicles in the Kruger National Park at affordable rates. They also offer multiple day safaris whilst staying over in Kruger Park; they can then also help you to book additional activities like night safaris, sunset safaris, sunrise safaris, morning bush walks and bush braais (BBQ) in Kruger National Park.  Outside of Kruger National Park they can help arrange Panorama Route Tours (God’s Window, Blyde River Canyon with the Three Rondawels, Bourke’s Luck Potholes etc.) as well as Elephant Interactions at a sanctuary.

The word “secret” as described by the English dictionary:

Something that is meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others or that is not properly understood or commonly known or recognized.

Pssst!! Kruger Secrets untold

It is within these 2 million hectares of untamed wilderness where you can uncover some of Kruger’s most magical secrets.  You can literally drive for hours without seeing anything besides breathtaking landscape and then suddenly you come around a corner or make your way around a bend and you encounter the most interesting sighting ever!

If you are patient enough when visiting the Kruger National Park, you will at a certain time be rewarded with some of Kruger secrets. Patience is the name of the game in the wilderness…

Extraordinary stories told by ordinary people that discovered some of Kruger’s secrets during their visit to the Park.

We have asked some of our previous guests & private people that have visited the Kruger National Park in the past to share with us some of their Kruger Secrets they have discovered.

Here are a few of the Kruger Secrets already discovered…

Lache Brummers (Germany)

November 26th 2018, I had the privilege of finally visiting the Kruger National Park with my partner and my son. We had planned the South Africa & Kruger trip for about 8 months and saved for about two years. Finally the big day arrived!

When asked by Lion Roar Safaris if I had any Kruger secrets or memorable moments to share, I immediately recalled the fascinating sighting we came across during our safari with Lion Roar Safaris in the Kruger National Park.

It was a unique, but heartfelt sighting, one filled with sorrow that brought tears and laughter all at once.

A lady that was with us on the safari vehicle spotted a snake on the road that was making frantic coiling movements and beside it, ran a banded mongoose attacking the snake from time to time. Our safari vehicle stopped and our guide started to tell us that the banded mongoose often attacks big snakes like the venomous Black Mamba or the Mozambique Spitting cobra. In this case it was the black mamba that was the center of attention and the banded mongoose clearly fending off the deadly strike from the black mamba.

Our Field Guide was quite puzzled and said that this behavior is not entirely normal. You see the thing is, mongoose are social animals usually found in a mob or a pack (a group of mongoose) the guide explained. The way they attack a big snake like this is by means of mobbing it (to attack the dangerous snake from all angles simultaneously in order to overpower it.)

So, for this reason the guide said it was quite strange for it to be a one-on-one battle.

We soon uncovered a Kruger secret and saw that in actual fact the black mamba had a baby banded mongoose in its mouth and the mother was trying to save her baby.

I got goosebumps when I realized what was going on. You could feel the frustration and the fear of the mother banded mongoose, trying her best to save her little baby from the jaws of death. Violently attacking the snake, in the hopes of her baby being released.

We sat quietly in the safari vehicle looking on in amazement, hoping that the outcome will be in the mother’s favor. The mother mongoose started getting tired and the snake struck at her a few times.

Eventually she took her last bit of energy and gave it her all and attacking the snake once again. Finally, the snake dropped the tiny baby from its mouth and slithered off.

The mother ran to the little body lying hopelessly in the middle of the gravel road. She nudged at it. We all started to tear up, as there was no sign of life. People say animals don’t have feelings or expressions but you could see the utter dread and sadness on her face.

Then a miracle above all miracles happened right before our very eyes. The lifeless body started to twitch and slowly came to life. The behavior of the mother changed and she continued to encourage the baby to come to life.

The baby finally jumped up and with utter delight, the mother straddled it and escorted it to safety, away from the open gravel road and praying eyes.

This was my Kruger secret I uncovered…and what a happy ending.

Bob Marshall (Washington DC) 

My Kruger Secret… mmm it’s easy. We came across a really cool sighting. The guide said that he has not seen a sighting like this in his lifetime and he has been going to the Kruger National Park for years now.

It was a public holiday and the gate of the Kruger National Park was all lined up with people waiting to enter the gates.

After the long wait, we entered the Park. We drove for about 30min and saw nothing interesting besides impalas. Then we came to a sudden stop and the Photographer of Lion Roar Safaris pointed and said Lion!!!

Right there in the open, a female lion (lioness) stood underneath a tree sniffing the air and then we heard a sudden roar. What we saw was truly amazing!! A leopard with its kill was in the tree roaring at the lioness below. Obviously too high for the lioness to reach. Lions don’t really climb trees you see.

We sat there for nearly 40min without any other cars. Just absorbing the smells, the sounds and the ambiance of the African bush around us.

We were even treated to an incredible display of hyenas that picked up the scent of the fresh kill. Coming to get a better sense of what is going on and hopefully steal a scrap or two. But the kill was too high for both lion and hyena and Mr. Huge – the leopard literally laughed at them whilst licking off his lips from above.

Lion, leopard, a kill and hyenas all in one photo frame. So close I took photos with my phone. This was certainly a Kruger Secret only meant for our eyes only.

Liu Jianguo (Shanghai)

I visited Kruger Park, South Africa for the first time in January 2019.

 As far as my experience, I feel every new road you take in the Kruger Park with a Guide with an open safari vehicle is a new Kruger secret discovered. Everything is lovely, not just the animals but the scenery and the landscape and everything in between.

Kruger National Park is a very sacred place for me with many Kruger Secrets yet to discover.

I cannot wait to visit this place again one day…

Bernice Potgieter (Johannesburg South Africa)

I’m quite blessed when it comes to experiencing Kruger secrets. I have been visiting the Kruger National Park for about 30 years now.

My list of secrets until now is:

  • I have witnessed the birth of an impala in December 2017 on safari with Lion Roar Safaris.
  • I saw a lion pulling an unborn calve from the stomach of a buffalo that was killed by 6 lionesses near Satara in the North. It was emotional, gruesome but also a sighting I’ll never forget.
  • My sister’s son gave his first steps at Olifants Rest Camp.
  • I spent 2013 New Year’s Eve in Tamboti Rest Camp and saw multiple shooting stars that night. So many stars, it’s unbelievable.
  • I saw two hippos fighting it out at Sunset Dam near Lower Sabie in the South. It was an intense battle with lots of blood and gruesome deep scars after the battle.
  • These are only a few Kruger Secrets I have discovered throughout the years. Kruger is one of my favorite places in the world to visit and I’m planning on visiting it until I’m old and grey and cannot walk anymore.

These are only a few Kruger Secrets told by people. Come and discover Kruger for yourself. What are you waiting for? Book now…

YES! We offer affordable Kruger National Park safaris

Our rates include the following:

  • Transfers from a pre-arranged pick-up location to Kruger National Park and back (this can be at your accommodation where you are staying, depending on the location). This includes Nelspruit | Kruger National Park | KMI Airport | Skukuza Airport | White River | Hazyview | Malelane | Komatipoort and Marloth Park

  • Full Day safari with a luxury open safari vehicle

  • An accredited & professional Field Guide doubling as the driver of the vehicle on the day of safari

  • A snack box per person consisting of various treats to munch on during the day of the safari

  • +- 8 Hours of sheer “entertainment” in the world-famous Kruger National Park (excludes travel time outside the park)

  • Assistance with Kruger National Park entrance/conservation fee payments, paperwork and permits

  • The use of high-quality, waterproof ponchos on-board the vehicle when needed

Please note:

Our area of operation covers Nelspruit and surrounding areas, White River | Malelane | Hazyview | Komatipoort | Marloth Park | Kruger National Park | KMI Airport | Skukuza Airport.

Please contact us if your accommodation falls outside of our area of operation.

We also conduct safari tours in the North of Kruger upon request and need. You also have the option to hire the safari vehicle privately, email us to find out more. Additionally, you have the option to add your Kruger entrance/conservation fees when you make your booking so you don’t have to go to the office on the morning of the safari to make payment for entrance fees.


World-class safari operator

My mother and I travelled to Nelspruit to do a one-day safari inside Kruger. Our guest villa (Utopia in Africa – amazing stay!) told us about Lion Roar Safaris – from the moment I contacted Liz to book a guided safari with them until Luzille (our guide) dropped us off it was world class service! The safari is split in three, you do a few hours before breakfast, a few hours before lunch and then drive towards the end of the tour. Besides being able to rest with this type of schedule we also appreciated all the different detours in the park we were able to do. This operator is passionate about the animals, the park and their customers. They are very knowledgeable in both big things and small things regarding the park and the animals. I hope to come back someday, my only regret is that we didn’t book one more day.

annalovisam, TripAdvisor

Fantastic experience

We really enjoyed our safari with Liz and the web photographer. They pointed out many sightings which we would never have seen on our own. We saw 3 leopards, many elephants, rhinos, cape buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, hippos and different types of antelopes and birds.
They provided binoculars which helped a lot, especially when observing the leopards in the reed!
The service is top: on time, friendly, very informative and you get a feeling how much they enjoy “going the extra mile” for the customer. They tried to keep ahead of the crowd and do not enter thru Numbi gate which is usually very crowded. Its great the park fee is included in the price because then you do not need to queue at the entrance like in the case of some of the other operators. We will definitely recommend you!

dorischristina2015, TripAdvisor

(Translated by Google)

For those who go to South Africa, do safaris be sure to contact this company they are grade 10.

Para quem vai para África do Sul ,fazer safáris não deixe de contatar está empresa eles são nota 10 .

Achiles Neto, Google Review
Great services! Amazing commments

The guide was very friendly and helpful!
She really knew the way around the park and we were able to see a big variety of animals

344hama, TripAdvisor
Super accommodating and informative.
Liz was super patient in making sure we get the morning bush walk and night drive within limited dates. They know lots about every animal we saw. I love that they provide parkas for their guests because it gets super chilly as the truck moves. Their truck is clean and not loud like other trucks which tend to scare the animals away.
Zzame Em, Google Review
Spectacular day in the Mighty Kruger!

Even if the weather was cold during the day, the spectacular sightings we had made up for it all. Luckily this company is not one of those that rush from one big sighting to another but rather take it at a slower pace and therefore not miss even the small things like some bird species and trees and plants, lizards and much more.
Oh and I am so glad their Photographer was also on board with her very sharp eye sight. She spotted plenty of animals where the rest of us missed them…especially that Cheetah! And she took the most beautiful pictures (and some short videos clips) of all our sightings that day. We were surely one lucky group of people seeing all those magnificent wildlife, especially the Elephant Calves, Wild Dogs as well as Hyena Pups!
Oh and let’s not forget the snack bags that was packed for us!!
The Guide was very informative and interactive with our group. Evidently her kindness and helpfulness is not only restricted to the time a guest is on her vehicle still busy on the Tour but even helping when one of our group members was staying over at a place in the Kruger Park, she assisted him from booking in at the camp to taking him to where he would be staying, to briefly showing him around on what is where and available to him in the camp. And this all took merely a few minutes.
I would definitely be recommending Lion Roar Safaris.

Grifinne, TripAdvisor

Best experience ever!

Lizelle was very informative and made sure we had the best views of all the animals!

Johan , Google Review

Lizelle was the most amazing tour guide. She knew everything about the animals and gave us plenty of time to take photos and ask questions while still ensuring that we saw 4 of the big 5. She was just as excited as we were to view the animals. Without using a radio she was knowledgeable enough to know where to look and how to spot the animals even in the summer bush. Liz was there to help point out animals as well. We were pleasantly surprised to have two guides to make this experience incredible. The vehicle was as impeccable as the guides. They even provided snacks that can easily substitute lunch. The cherry on top is the fleece lined ponchos that kept us warm as it was a bit chilly and a little rainy.

Alicia K, Facebook Review
Amazing safari and the best guide!

We did a lot of research and chose Lion’s Roar based on it and were spot on with our choice! To my own shame, I cannot remember the name of our guide because it’s been a few months since he experience, but she truly rocked – she was knowledgable, funny and easygoing.

We got very-very lucky on the day we went and saw elephants, rhinos, wild dogs, hippos, numerous birds and other animals. We went again just with friends and saw hardly anything, so do yourself a favor and book with these guys!

LydiaBay, TripAdvisor Review
We loved it!

Liz was so great! Without a doubt, she made our trip a lot better than it would have been otherwise. She was knowledgeable and really wanted us to have a good time.

Lara550, TripAdvisor Review

Professional, great knowledge of all types of Wildlife, friendly and affordable!

Charl , Facebook Review

Friendly, professional, safari guides

Deon V, Google Review
Best safari company in the Kruger!

I want to congratulate Lion Roar Safaris once again for taking me on safari to the Kruger.

I had a spur of the moment urge to go on a safari. Even though it was a last minute booking, they were stil happy to accommodate me.

It’s always nice to just sit back and relax while everything is taken care of. For me, it is always a special occasion going to the Park. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge my batteries. Best of all, I learn something new everytime I go with Lion Roar Safaris.

Every safari with this company is unique. Everyone should do a guided safari with them atleast once in their lives otherwise you are missing out!

Keep up the good work Lion Roar and see you again soon for another safari adventure!

rianel1961, TripAdvisor Review
Wonderful safari experience in the Kruger National Park!

What an experience. The finer touch and extra service makes it very special. Neat vehicle and well organised logistics. Knowlegable, friendly and professional two ladies. Highly recommended. This safari in the National Kruger Park was definitely a highlight of my year. Well done !

ajohnson26, TripAdvisor Review
Memorable Father’s Day in the Kruger National Park

Usually I end up in the beautiful Nelspruit to see clients and to deal with work-related responsibilities. This year, my husband and I returned for a well-deserved holiday break. Yes, we came back and it is our second time doing a safari with Lion Roar Safaris, but this time I brought along the kids, my father and mother. One big happy family outing!

We booked the safari on Father’s Day, so my dad can enjoy the Kruger yet again. He hasn’t been to the Kruger for many years, let alone go on safari in an open safari vehicle. Everyone enjoyed it immensely, especially the kids who simply adore all animals.

My dad walks with a walking stick and my mother struggles to see & both of them make use of hearing aids. For this reason, we decided to book the safari vehicle privately so we don’t have to share with other people and if the kids misbehave or granny or grandpa can’t hear, we can talk a bit louder. (Even though we know that their company is child and elderly friendly). I’m glad my husband advised me to book it privately, it made it more special.

I just want to thank the team at Lion Roar Safaris once again. Everything from start to finish was great! I would also like to thank you for the extra touches you provide to make things comfortable, for example, the extra step that helped mom and dad get on the vehicle, the ponchos and most importantly the patience and professionalism of the guide.

We will keep coming back!

Lhug143, TripAdvisor Review
Marvellous safari experience in Kruger

I have visited South Africa before and this year I decided to bring a group of friends with me. One of the MUST DO things everyone wanted to do was going on safari to Kruger.

So, I searched the web and visited the website of a guest house we stayed at previously in Nelspruit and they have a safari company listed on their things to do page. Automatically I clicked on it because the guest house was wonderful so I trust their judgement. So it turned out Lion Roar Safaris has the friendliest and most helpful staff working in the office as they answered all our questions we had and arranged everything exactly like we wanted it.

Lion Roar arranged accommodation for the 8 of us (outside of the park). The accommodation was neat, clean and modern with a yummy dinner included. The following morning the friendly Guide came to pick us up with a very neat safari vehicle. (I must admit I was quite impressed)

To keep things short, Lion Roar Safaris exceeded our expectations. Everything was seamless, professional and well planned, from the arrangements with the office, the accommodation, pick-up, transfers, payments, to the pre-arranged catered picnic at one of the picnic spots – which was absolutely fabulous may I add – to all the information we received during the day that included information about animals, conservation, anti-poaching efforts to mention but a few.

I would strongly recommend Lion Roar Safaris to anyone, whether you want to go on a private safari or arrange a special safari like ours with friends, or just because, do it! You won’t regret it and I’m sure you will come back for more. I know I will…

Thank you once again Lion Roar Safaris!

Sylvia4157H, TripAdvisor Review
Fantastic Safari Experience

My family and I enjoyed a safari experience with Lion Roar Safaris recently. We had an amazing time! Liz and Lizelle took fantastic care of us and went out of their way to make sure my elderly grandmother was comfortable. Their personal touches like the ponchos and the snack boxes were greatly appreciated. They were very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We all learned so much! I highly recommend them to anybody wanting to enjoy a unique Kruger Park experience.

Andrea M, TripAdvisor Review
Great experience

The team went out of their way to ensure we enjoy our game drive and we manages to see 4 of the big 5’s which was impressive

Trip17716264367, TripAdvisor Review
Romantic Private Kruger Safari

Had the most Amazing Private tour of the Kruger National Park.
We had an early morning which was Beautiful from the moment Liezel picked us up from our hotel in Nelspruit until the end when she dropped us off.
Even though we didn’t see any cats of the day, we had to accept that we will only see what The Kruger decides to give on that day.
He knowledge of the animals and the park makes You want to know more and shows how much passion she has for the animals.
We even forgot by the end of the tour that we did not see any cats(LOL).
I will Definitely do more tours with Lion Roar Safaris and will recommend it to anyone I know that wants to do a tour of The Kruger National Park.
A Great big Shout to Liz for the seamless booking a few days before the tour and once again to Liezel for a Great tour of The Kruger National Park…

kutlwanor, TripAdvisor Review

Some of the services Lion Roar Safaris Offer…

Upmarket Luxury Safaris  I  Tailored Safaris  I  Professional Personal Holiday Photographer   I  Hire a Professional Field Guide  I  Hire a Private Safari Vehicle   I   Accommodation in and around Kruger   I  Photographic Safaris   I   Safari catering – picnic lunches, dinners and BBQ’s and more…

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