Plant a Spekboom to aid in absorbing carbon dioxide for better and healthier quality air

At Lion Roar Safaris we love to plant Spekboom! We don’t only have Spekboom outside our building; we also have them in our building and in our working environment. This wonderful plant is also known as the miracle plant and will ultimately help fight against global warming and help make the world a much healthier and better place.

Here are our top five reasons why we plant Spekboom 

1.) The Spekboom help fight Climate Change and Air Pollution

The Spekboom help removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. An excess of carbon in the air leads to global warming. The plant acts as a carbon sponge, improving the quality of the air we breathe. This plant stores solar energy to perform photosynthesis at night, making it 10 times more effective per hectare at carbon fixing than any tropical rainforest. Spekboom can absorb between four to ten tons of carbon per hectare, it uses carbon to make plant tissue and produce oxygen, no wonder they call it the miracle plant!

According to The Spekboom Foundation, spekboom’s (Pork Bush, Elephant Bush, etc.) has the capacity to offset harmful carbon emissions that are equal to that of moist, subtropical forests.

Planting a spekboom a day will help keep climate change at bay.

2.) We love supporting Proudly South African products and this plant, the Spekboom is a Proudly South African plant.

Easy to grow, tough, evergreen and yummy are a few words that describe the Spekboom. The Spekboom is predominantly found in the Eastern Cape, but nowadays you can find it in various places across South Africa.
The Spekboom is so easy to grow, you don’t need green fingers. Simply break a piece off and stick it in the ground in an area that gets lots of sun.
Spekboom responds well to pruning and if allowed to grow, will become very dense, making it a great plant for growing hedges.

3.) The Spekboom is high in Basic Nutrients

Did you know the Spekboom is edible and enjoyed by many wildlife species, such as elephants, kudu and black rhinos? Best of all, you can eat it too! The leaves are great in salad and are high in nutrients and Vitamin C. You can even infuse your gin with a spekboom leaf. The leaves are packed full of moisture and it can be a substitute for water if you don’t have any water available. Stay hydrated, eat spekboom.

4.) The Spekboom is water-wise and super resilient!

The Spekboom is one of few plants that are super low-maintenance and can survive on as little as 250 – 350mm of water per year! It has a photosynthetic mechanism that allows it to thrive in nearly all weather conditions. Spekboom is extremely adaptable and can survive in extreme conditions, such as drought. Besides their resilience, this plant is also known to be an excellent soil binding plant that prevents soil erosion.

5.) A Spekboom can Live Up to 200 Years!

This plant spreads easily, for example when an animal browses and breaks off a branch and it falls on the ground, soon after the broken off part will start shooting roots and so a new Spekboom tree is born.
The Spekboom can grow up to five meters tall and stimulates biodiversity, enabling other plants to grow and live in its mini biome, making it an extremely versatile plant.

When are you planting your Spekboom?

We at Lion Roar Safaris urge people to purchase a Spekboom and from that single Spekboom start to multiply this amazing miracle plant in great quantities. Plant it wherever you find an open space. Together we can make a difference; it starts with you and one Spekboom.

Happy planting!

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Book your trip to Kruger National Park!