Book a Chimpanzee Tour and meet rehabilitated chimpanzees at South Africa’s only chimpanzee sanctuary with Lion Roar Safaris (Pty) Ltd – Your gateway to the Kruger National Park and the Lowveld.

Get the opportunity to meet our closest living relatives! This will certainly be a once in a lifetime experience!

Price per adult – R 240

  • 13 years and older are seen as adults
  • Children 6-12 years are charged at R110
  • R180 per pensioner (65 years and older)
  • Guests will be given a safety briefing and will be required to sign an indemnity before meeting the Chimps
Elephant Interaction | Lion Roar Safaris

What is included in the rate

A guided tour around the enclosures with 3 groups of chimpanzees

Duration of the tour

1 hour & 15 min

Location of sanctuary

The Chimpanzee Sanctuary is on the R40 towards Barberton, just outside of Nelspruit.

Daily Tour Time


About the sanctuary

The sanctuary is a safe haven for Chimpanzees that have been taken from their natural habitat who has once been misplaced, misused and/or abused. These extraordinarily intelligent Chimpanzees now call this 1000 hectares home. This sanctuary is a place where they can find refuge, tranquility, love and safety.

The sanctuary and their staff is committed to rescue and care for these animals in need. The sanctuary is the first and only one of its kind in South Africa. They also help to bring Chimpanzees closer to humans and thus creating a better understanding and appreciation for the species.

The chimpanzees at the sanctuary were rescued from zoos, circuses, illegal pet trade and medical research facilities to mention but a few.

When you visit the sanctuary, you play a huge part in contributing to their needs.

You will have the opportunity to view the Chimpanzees in a semi-natural habitat from the comfort of a viewing platform. You will be able to see how they interact with one another and how they go about their foraging routines.

How to Book a Chimpanzee Tour

  • Simply email us with the following information:

  • How many people you would like to book for (adults & children)

  • The date you want to book a tour

Chimpanzee Tour | Lion Roar Safaris
Chimpanzee Tour | Lion Roar Safaris

Why should I book a Chimpanzee Tour with Lion Roar Safaris?

  • The sanctuary is very popular amongst our guests and we go there regularly. Besides this, we can provide you with any additional information with regards to the tour. Alternatively, you are welcome to book with them directly.
  • If you do want to book with us, rest assure we have safe and secure online payment options.
  • Our prices are the same as the sanctuary with no mark-up fees.

What should I bring with me to a Chimpanzee Tour?

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Winter time, bring with something warm to wear.
  • Summertime, bring some water or alternatively you can purchase this at the sanctuary shop.
  • You can also bring; sunscreen, a hat or cap and sunglasses to protect you against the sun.
  • Bring your camera with you.
  • During summertime, it is wise to apply mosquito repellent
  • Weather Conditions: Tours will be cancelled during thunderstorms to protect the Chimpanzees and the guests.
Claudette the Chimp | Lion Roar Safaris
Claude the Chimp | Lion Roar Safaris

How will the tour unfold?

  • Upon arriving at the sanctuary, you can make your way to the reception area where you can give your name or booking details.
  • Please check-in at the reception desk 15 minute prior to your tour time.
  • If you are early, you can enjoy a meal or refreshment at the restaurant.
  • A Guide will walk you through from start to finish, sharing interesting and fascinating information about Chimpanzees and their behavior.
  • After the activity is completed, you can depart on your next adventure.

Fun facts about Chimpanzees

  • Chimpanzees lead an omnivorous lifestyle, meaning they eat both plants and animals.
  • Chimpanzees shares 98% of human DNA, making them our closest living relatives.
  • Chimpanzees are known to use tools when eating or looking for food.
  • Chimps are very vocal and produce around 30 different vocalizations.
  • They can get the same illness as humans, for example measles, ringworm, hepatitis B, diabetes and influenza.
  • Although they use all four limbs for walking, chimpanzee can walk on two legs.
Dinka the Chimp | Lion Roar Safaris

Did you know?

Lion Roar Safaris specializes in safaris with an open safari vehicle in the Kruger National Park. We can also help with arranging accommodation inside as well as outside of the Kruger National Park and surrounding areas like Nelspruit, White River, Hazyview, Malelane, Komatipoort and Marloth Park.

Terms and Conditions

Lion Roar Safaris merely offers assistance with regards to the booking of activities in and around Nelspruit. Herewith, the guest acknowledges the fact that Lion Roar Safaris is not in any way hosting the Chimpanzee tour and therefore is not in any way, shape or form responsible for the guests during their excursion. Upon arrival at the sanctuary, each participant will sign an indemnity form of the sanctuary, binding them to their rules and regulations.  The guests acknowledge their booking falls under the sanctuary’s cancellation policy and not that of Lion Roar Safaris. Lion Roar Safaris will not be held liable for any loss of property, life or any damage or neglect in any way, shape or form.

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